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Ambassador Challenge Sign up

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  • Regular price $25.00

We are currently taking Challengers for June 2021 (till 5/31 at midnight)

Spots are Limited to 200 for June!

  • Join Today and get your entry fee back as a $25 Store Credit Code emailed to you. (*note we review each entry so it can take up to 24 hrs to receive your welcome email and code.
  • *Credit Codes cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • *Consider becoming a CFW Crew Club Ambassador to get a $25 Gift Card that can be combined with our other sale codes. Learn More Here
  • Limited Spots: only 200 Spots for March
  • 1st Place Payout: is $500 Cash.
  • 2nd Place Payout: is $100 Cash.
  • 3rd-5th Payouts: $25 Gift Cards

The month you sign up you are entering the next month's challenge. (Updated Video Coming Soon!)

Once Signed up we will send you a link to join our Challenge Group on Facebook where you will find more details.

Note: the ambassador challenge entry fee is not eligible for any discounts or codes, any codes used may forfeit your entry.


To Compete for the 1st place $500 or 2nd Place $100 Cash payout with 3-5th place winning $25 Gift Cards:

  1. Challengers must post a minimum of 3 times per week either wearing or showcasing CFW Gear on Facebook or Instagram for all posts to count towards our 1st place $500-$1000 Cash prize!
  2. A maximum of 20 posts is eligible in a month.
  3. Posts must be on your personal or group pages.
  4. Pages & posts must be public (if we can't see them we can't count them) Note: while we will try to share your story posts in our feed they only last 24 hrs, so we will not be counting them as we cannot track them.
  5. All posts must contain #clubfitwear and #cfwcrew (also include @clubfitwear on Instagram posts or Tag @club fit wear or clubfitwear.com on Facebook)
  6. Posts must then be shared or screenshot to/in our Ambassador Challenge Facebook Group(this helps us better track posts so you get all your entries)
  7. Each post counts as an entry to a random drawing(the more you post the better your odds)

Bonus Entries:

Due to changes in FBs algorithm we have had to cut back how we do bonus entries, but we will still have them periodically to help promote specific sales or promotions. These will add to your total entries to increase your odds of winning. Look for announcements for these in our FB Group.